What we do

We provide education, ongoing supportive family therapy, and psychological support services to the entire community to promote good mental health across the life cycle

About us

Maternal mental health is a widespread public health issue and we want to make a difference.

Sound mental health and social well-being are important factors enabling people to live useful lives, contribute actively to community living, maintain, plan and care for their families. Maternal mental health is a widespread public health issue that impacts the wellbeing, emotional, the psychological balance, the attitudes and livelihood of many mothers making coping with the many tasks of child care, their infants and their families difficult.

Community Engagement

We continue to establish our footprints through public engagement activities, trainings and research.

Being Zimbabwe’s largest grassroots mental health organisation dedicated to promoting sound mental health for the populace, SPANS is committed to enhancing the lives of Goromonzi District and beyond through our public engagement activities, trainings, and research.

Vocational Training

SPANS Institute strives to create a nurturing environment for emerging and growing mental health practitioners.

SPANS Vocational Training Institute strives to provide highly qualified instructors and an environment supportive of students professional and personal growth. The courses provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully integrate theory into practice in real- life settings.

Activity Timeline

Aug 2016

Collaborateed with the Association of Paediatric of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives, the Ministry of Health and Child Care as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide technical support

October 2016

We supported  World Mental Health Day 2016 as a participant

Dec 2016

We supported  World AIDS Day 2016 as a participant

Dec 2016

Hosts of the approved 1st International Conference on Maternal Mental Health in Africa (ICAMMHA) held on 12-16 December 2016 under the support of Ministry of Health and child care and other stakeholders

Aug 2017
Supported the National World breast feeding week for 2017 as a participant.
Dec 2020
Raised awareness in communities about
COVID-19 and mental health

Student Testimonials

After experiencing a lot of misfortunes and traumatic events, I considered SPANS as my best option. My wellbeing maters, it contributes to the functioning of my daily life. Having positive mental health allows me to effectively deal with stress, make healthy decisions, communicate well with others, and live life to the fullest. Sometimes struggles with mental illnesses can make it seem like achieving a healthy mental state is impossible. Many of us have been there. At SPANS, the lectures are dedicated to assist us free ourselves from those bonds as well as arm us with the tools to help others facing the same struggles.

Gerald Makoni Ambulance Technician

A stepmother to a four-year-old asthmatic boy asked me, “at what age is it appropriate to tell him that both his parents died in a car crash?” My heart sank, I had no answer and had to refer. I felt incapacitated and empty as a health care provider. Taking the course in mental health therapy and system family therapy has provided me an opportunity to care for my patients holistically taking into consideration both physical and mental wellbeing of the patient for an overall positive outcome. I enjoy the classes, the teachers are innovative using every day animated examples, making the classes fun and applicable to day to day situations.

Dr. O. Unworried Medical Doctor

The diploma in Systemic Family Therapy and Family Developmental Counselling has enabled me to help my workmates deal with the various issues they face. As a Chaplain I have been offering counselling sessions to workmates and have extended my hand to their dependents and spouses. With the knowledge I have so far obtained through SPANS training, I have grown in confidence and have been trusted by the Chaplain General to offer help even to workmates of ranks above me. I also help young people in my community by taking time to listen and show them their potential. All that is through SPANS’ training and grooming.

Blessing Mufunda Assistant Inspector (ZRP, Interpol)

Attending the course at SPANS was a great, inspiring, eye opening and an informative experience. SPANS has taught me a lot about the importance of mental wellbeing. The course has given me practical skills that are relevant not only in my teaching profession but in life in general. l am now able to deal with adolescents as a mental health therapist and help the students to make informed decisions. The course has also taught me to have better relations with my partner and workmates. I am thankful to the instructors at SPANS who are friendly and accommodating making my studies smooth and enjoyable.

Charity Farai Mhuri Teacher

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